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Thanks for showing interest in having Give a Link hosting your online advertising. As you may know, our greatest passion is spreading awareness and positivity about gambling as an activity and as a hobby.

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Gambling is an activity that is best done as a community. In order to wash away the negative stigma that has surrounded this hobby for decades, we all need to come together and show that gambling events are a force of good. That said, if you have any upcoming gambling events—no matter what the scale—we would love to showcase your poster or banners about it.

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In order to gamble in informal settings, of course it is necessary to have the paraphernalia for it. It is not so much the stretch of the imagination that we will have readers that will try to build their own gambling set for personal use. As such, if your brand or business is in any way related to gambling products, our readers would be interested to find out what your offerings are.

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